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Nuova CEV s.c. reserve the right to change and/or to update at any time these general conditions of sale by promptly advising the client.


The on-line purchase and sale contract is a long-distance contract having as object goods and/or services, stipulated between a supplier, NUOVA CEV s.c. (registered office and factory located in Via Val d’ Elsa 47/49 – 50053 Empoli – FI) and a consumer and/or client. This is part of a system of long-distance sale organized by the supplier who, for this contract, uses exclusively a long-distance communication system called Internet. The contracts shall therefore be concluded directly through the access to the Internet site by the consumer and/or client who, by following the indications provided will be able to conclude with the supplier by completing and sending the order form.


Before purchasing a product the client must first complete the order form with all his/her personal details by following the indications provided; the order form must be sent off telematically.

The personal details supplied must correspond to the actual identity of the purchaser and must be provided without any omission.

VAT will be added to the price of the products found on the site as will the shipping expenses specified in theShipment Expensessection of the site;both the VAT amount and the shipment costs are clearly indicated on the order form which must be underwritten by the client to allow the order to be fulfilled.

The product order must be made on the site by providing the full personal details requested which must refer in whole to the person making the purchase. No data must be omitted and if the buyer has a VAT number the tax code must also be indicated.

The goods ordered by the client can be paid for by selecting one of the payment options specified in theMethod of Paymentsection on this site and indicated on-line during the purchasing procedure.

POSTEPAY card recharge

BANK TRANSFER made in advance

PAYPAL (credit card on the PayPal circuit


Nuova CEV s.c. shall send clients the products purchased by a trusted courier.

Delivery time: the articles found in the OUTLET section will be delivered indicatively within a week from receipt of payment; with regard to all the other articles, consisting as they do of unique/handcrafted items with a high added value (prevalently hand-made and hand-cut) which will be made specifically for you, the lead time shall indicatively range from 1 to 3 months from the receipt of the order. The indicative delivery time of the same will be e-mailed or otherwise communicated to you upon the receipt of the order.

Method of payment: the goods shall be shipped only once we have been notified that the payment has been made.


The personal data entered by the buyer for registration purposes must not be false and/or imagined data.

The client is regarded as the sole person responsible for the entering and the correctness of his/her personal data.

Upon the delivery of the items ordered, should the package not be whole or the number of boxes not correspond the client must sign, subject of inspection, the transportation document (or consignment note), shown by the courier. Should client fail to do so he/she shall no longer be entitled to withdraw from the contract.


The management of personal data processing is specified in thePrivacysection of this site.

When completing the anagraphic form during the procedure required for the performance of this contract, the client authorizes Nuova CEV s.c. to communicate the anagraphic data of a non sensitive nature (surname and name, address, telephone number) to the trusted couriers used for the delivery of the goods purchased in order to allow the shipment procedures to commence.

The personal data are collected exclusively for the purpose of registering the client and of activating the procedures for the execution of this contract and the required pertinent communications; such data may be exhibited only upon the request of the judicial authority for inspection purposes.

In this case the Client undertakes to provide Nuova CEV s.c. with a copy of the identity documentation deemed necessary for the purpose of any inspection. Failure to fulfil the above-mentioned request entitles Nuova CEV s.c. to immediately terminate the contract owing to infringement.


If, upon the receipt of the inspection of the goods, the client notices that the packaging is

not whole and that the number of packages does not correspond, he/she must sign subject to inspection, only in this case will Nuova CEV s.c. be responsible for any damage or loss of the products ordered and the client shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract by contacting the company by e-mail sent to to the persons indicated in the Contacts section of this site and by supplying all the information requested.

The company has the responsibility of safeguarding the client who, by signing subject to inspection, may request the replacement or the reimbursement of the product.

In case of broken merchandise the consumer must notify Nuova CEV first by e-mail then, within 48 hours of the receipt of the merchandise, also by registered mail.

Nuova CEV s.c. cannot be held liable for any fraudulent and unlawful use by third parties of credit cards, cheques and other means of payment when purchasing the goods as these are at no time a part of the procedure.

The images and colours of the products published on the site are purely indicative as these are totally handcrafted items and as such may slightly differ from the images published; the colours too can be slightly different owing to the effect of the monitor used.


All the products sold on the site are covered by the producer’s conventional guarantee and by the 24-month guarantee (starting from the invoice date) for any compliance defect pursuant to Law Decree No. 24 of 2nd February 2002.

Should the product be found to be defective and should the above-mentioned period not yet have elapsed the client may request its replacement it being still under guarantee provided the client submits a copy of the purchase invoice already sent to him/her by e-mail.

No other guarantee other than the one described above shall be granted.

Following the client’s request and once the defects have been ascertained, the defective product shall be collected by an express courier sent by Nuova CEV s.c. and a new one will be delivered free of charge to the client.

Should defects not be covered by the producer’s conventional guarantee the Client shall bear the inspection and transportation costs incurred by Nuova CEV s.c.

The 24-month guarantee, under Law Decree No. 24 on 2nd of February 2002, applies to the product on which there is a compliance defect provided such item is used correctly considering the use it is intended for and provided it is used in compliance with the instructions contained in the enclosed technical documentation.

This guarantee is reserved for the private consumer. Should a compliance defect be found, Nuova CEV s.c. shall replace the product for the purpose of eliminating such defect

or, should this not be possible, it shall apply a price reduction, or else terminate the purchase contract.

Should the fault not be a compliance defect, under Law Decree No. 24 of 2nd of February 2002, Nuova CEV s.c. shall have no replacement or reimbursement obligation towards the client.

The time it will take Nuova CEV s.c. to replace the product depends exclusively on the producer’s availability of the same.

Should Nuova CEV s.c. for any reason not be able to return a product covered by guarantee it can, at its discretion, either reimburse the full amount paid or replace the product with one with equal or superior characteristics.

No damages can be claimed from Nuova C.E.V. s.c. for any delays in carrying out the replacement.

Should the replacement of a product still under guarantee be requested, this must be returned in the original package complete in all its parts, preferably inside another protective container.

The guarantee does not cover damages and or defects caused to the products by shocks.

8. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL (Law Decree No. 185 of 22nd May 1999)

The consumer who is no satisfied with the purchase made has the right to withdraw from the contract stipulated within 10 working days starting from the date of receipt of the goods, without having to provide a reason.

This right must be exercised only by consumers and not by resellers and/or owners of a VAT number.

The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal by making a specific complaint by means of a written request sent to Nuova CEV s.c. e-mail address

The request received by e-mail must also be sent by registered mail as otherwise the right cannot be exercised.

All product return expenses shall be borne by the consumer who, through his/her courier shall send them back to NUOVA CEV s.c. to the address indicated in the Contacts section of this site.

The transportation hazards when the articles are being returned are entirely at the consumer’s expense. All articles must be received by NUOVA CEV s.c. in the same condition they were received in, unused and whole, with the original packaging and with any manual that may have been enclosed therewith, without defect or anything missing.

Should the client fail to comply with these requests NUOVA CEV s.c. shall apply a penalty of up to 80% of the value of the product, reimbursing only the difference from the purchase price.


Nuova CEV s.c. reserves the right to resolve the contract stipulated with the client/consumer by notifying the same accordingly and by stating the relative reasons; in this case the client shall only be entitled to the reimbursement of the sum already paid.

The obligations undertaken by the client in point 4 (Obligations of the buyer), the guarantee that the payment has been made in full in one of the ways indicated in point 2 herein as well as all the other consumer’s obligations are peremptory and as such the infringement by the consumer and/or by the client himself of even one of these obligations shall result in the resolution by right of the contract pursuant to art. 1456 of the Code of Civil Procedure, save for Nuova CEV s.c.’s right to take legal steps for the payment of further damages.


Any controversy relative to the application, performance, interpretation and violation of the purchase contract stipulated on line the Italian jurisdiction applies.

With the exception of provision indicated by art. 63 of Law Decree No. 206/2005, any controversy between the parties concerning the application, the performance, interpretation and violation of this contract shall be the exclusive competence of the Place of Jurisdiction of Florence.

Nuova Cev Workshop

Nuovacev WorkshopWhithin the premises immediately adjacent the factory LA BOTTEGA is a store where you can directly purchase the best of Nuova Cev’s artistic production. NUOVA CEV also offers guided visit, for group of peaple, to its glassworks during whiich it’s possible to see first hand the varous methods of working and crasting glass. Visit can be arranged from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.00.